Typing Online Benefits

Learn to touch type in just one hour with our fantastic new typing software; learning to type online has never been easier.

Our typing software is perfect for those people who can type but would like to improve their speed. Whether you are trying to increase your productivity at work or simply would like to write more emails to friends and family from home then improving your typing online is the way to go.

Typing online allows you the flexibility to practise your typing speed and accuracy whilst getting feedback from our typing software about how you are doing. Our typing software will give you tips on where you could improve your typing skills using data from a particular exercise. These practical tips will help you improve your typing much quicker than most other methods. Once you've typed your way to perfection, you'll want the words you type to look great, especially if you own a website or business. Finding good and original alchemy fonts to use can be difficult, but Jeremey Tankard Typography knows exactly how you can improve your typing skills.

Next Generation Touch Typing Software!

We will teach you to Touch Type faster than any other typing software. It uses a unique learning method to dramatically reduce your learning time to just One Hour!

From only £12.99 + Vat

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What our Customer Think!

"This is a wonderful piece of software. I have been using online typeing for over a year. This has been introduced into our weekly timetable to pupils aged 8-12 and I have had the most amazing results."

Most of the children can type over 25 WPM and some of them are typing over 80 WPM. AMAZING!!!"..

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